Let’s go…

Welcome to my blog!

You can expect a healthy dose of comment on progressive issues, the world around us and the regular failings of those who are meant to look after the poor and weak (politicians).

However, there will be a large sprinkling of humour and happiness. In my upcoming series #betterworldkinderpeople I will talk about and speak to those people and organisations who dedicate their time and their lives to helping other people around the world.

So you can expect inspiring stories, progressive book reviews, my own jumble of thoughts about improving our world, and some advice from the experts who help, protect and save those who are unable to protect themselves.

See you soon


I offer freelance creating writing services for blogs, magazines, newspapers, website content, businesses (that do not conflict with my views on right and wrong), opinion pieces and more.

Feel free to get in touch.

Author: MJS Writing

Writer, Blogger, Freelancer, Content Writer. Progressive, Inspired by those who want to improve the lives of others. Twitter: @mjscribbles

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