Loyalism shouts “Look at me, look at me!”

Good Morning Northern Ireland. You’re looking well. That is if you ignore the burnt out buses, and racist graffiti.

How can anybody read our local news and still feel that there are legitimate political parties to vote for? Sorry but any humour or satire has been beaten out of me by the news.

So – people, who I will not suggest are terrorists or hoods or criminals or d*ckheads (but who are all of those things) have burnt another bus. This is over the NI protocol, which wasn’t a big deal for a long time. Until Unionist Politicians made it a big deal. Now its emergency battle stations.

So, now tension has been increased on purpose by politicians who are meant to know better, then buses start to be hijacked and burnt and those involved in protest attempt to drag it into a sectarian battle at Lanark Way.

DUP, UUP, TUV all wash their hands of this of course. Not us, guv’. Bullsh*t.

So we then hear that yesterday’s man, Billy Hutchinson has decided he has something to say for the first time in 20 years. Now, Billy is involved with the P.U.P. The PUP are involved with the U.V.F. Bus gets burnt in Newtownabbey and on that same night P.U.P. can no longer support Good Friday Agreement. It’s almost like it was co-ordinated. Do you see where I’m going with this?

People – potentially from Loyalist Paramilitary Groups (one example of these groups is the U.V.F.) – burn out a bus. Their political reps immediately withdraw support for peace process. Please can we not forget that Jeffrey Donaldson, Doug Beattie and (totally against terrorists) Jim Allister brought Billy Hutchinson along for the ride on the NI protocol. They went for their wee jolly trip with him.

The leaders of Unionism/Loyalism have just orchestrated a campaign fully aware street violence would be the result. They’re probably just raging they haven’t been able to drag the fenians into it… yet.

The P.U.P. decision, which will give further justification to all sorts of nutcases who want to burn buses, Souther Reg. Cars and start some recreational sectarian rioting is, at best, childish. Its also dangerous, pathetic, cringeworthy. It gives certain people the veneer of political legitimacy to their criminality.

Billy Hutchinson is jumping up and down, waving his hand in the air and looking for attention. The P.U.P. were, and are, relative nobodies in local politics. They’ve now been legitimised as some sort of relevant political force. I’m not even going to get into how the NI protocol is so far removed from the G.F.A. that removing support for one because of the other is a complete load of shite.

Let us summarise though. This is the P.U.P. and U.V.F. attempting to act as the voice of Loyalism by moving first. The DUP, UUP and TUV all benefit by claiming this is the frustration of the entire P.U.L. community bubbling over. Again, this is lies.

The leaders of ‘moderate Unionism’ are orchestrating this. They knew this would happen. Any legitimacy they had from some of the rhetoric that was coming from the E.U. side, is now gone.

Let’s never forget this. Wherever the violence goes, who is dragged into it, and who is injured – This has been actively started by the leaders of the DUP, UUP and TUV.

Legitimate grievances over the NI protocol or not, the actions of Unionism will be counter productive for their own political hopes. If you want to know why Unionist voters are flocking to vote Alliance, open your eyes.


Author: MJS Writing

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