Violent attack used to prove protests are peaceful

Doug Beattie’s constituency office was attacked this morning in an attempt to prove NI Protocol protestors are non-violent. Having refused to attend any future NI protocol rallies saying that they are simply ‘anti-good friday agreement’ and designed to ‘raise the temperature’, the UUP leader was quickly condemned by rally organisers. “We’re dead peaceful” said local … Continue reading “Violent attack used to prove protests are peaceful”

Police Ombudsman collusion report described as ‘clear as a puddle of sh*te’

There was widespread confusion across Northern Ireland after the publication of a report on RUC-Loyalist collusion by Police Ombudsman, Mrs Marie Anderson. The report describes ‘collusive behaviours’ by the RUC at the time of UDA/UFF murders in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Unionist scepticism Both sides of the political divide in Northern Ireland claimed … Continue reading “Police Ombudsman collusion report described as ‘clear as a puddle of sh*te’”

Leading bands announce NI Protocol Aid 2022

Rumours circulated today about the organising of a large concert to increase attention of, and bring aid to, those deeply affected by the N.I. Protocol. Olde Time Rockers ‘Leaders of Unionism’ are understood to have agreed to headline the event, with backing from modern electro-rock group ‘Protestant Action Force’. The man leading attempts to bring … Continue reading “Leading bands announce NI Protocol Aid 2022”

Support for United Ireland surges after extra holiday pledge

A poll released today showed a huge rise across Northern Ireland in support for a United Ireland after an extra holiday announcement from the Irish Government. The poll, which was commissioned by polling experts, Ipso Dipso, showed support for a United Ireland now running around 93% in some areas. The shocking increase was prompted by … Continue reading “Support for United Ireland surges after extra holiday pledge”


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